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January 2006 • Press Release

Dallas Mavericks Upgrade to Blended Winglet™ Equipped Boeing 757-200

* First Sports Team to Purchase Blended Winglets * First Blended Winglet Equipped 757-200 Available for Worldwide Charter The owner of the Dallas Mavericks Boeing 757-200 and Aviation Partners Inc. jointly announced, during NBAA, the team owner’s purchase of 1-shipset of Aviation Partners Inc. patented* Blended Winglets. Performance Enhancing Blended Winglets will be installed on… Read more »

January 2006 • Press Release

Clay Lacy on Blended Winglets

“Blended Winglets™ are the Single Most Significant Aerodynamic Improvement Ever Developed for Commercial or Business Aviation,” says Clay Lacy Aviation Founder & CEO Aviation Partners Inc.® Plans to Performance Enhance 80% of Existing Hawker 800s and 800XPs Clay Lacy has been flying business jets ever since Bill Lear introduced the Learjet 23 back in the… Read more »

January 2006 • Press Release

Over 110 Million Gallons of Jet Fuel Will Be Saved Next Year with Aviation Partners Blended Winglet™ Technology

At 250,000 Gallons Saved Per Day, Blended Winglets Will Reduce Global Fuel Consumption by 770,000 Gallons Over 3 Days of NBAA 2005   Over 210 Million Gallons Already Saved by Corporate and Commercial Aviation With 900 commercial and business aircraft currently flying with Aviation Partners patented* Blended Winglets, and 550 additional shipsets to be installed… Read more »

January 2006 • Press Release

Hawker 800…800XP Blended Winglet™ Systems Available Now

Upgrade Your Hawker to an 800SP or 800XP2 Today – Fly Farther, Faster, Higher with a Lower Fuel Burn and Improved Residual Value Seattle WA. January 19, 2006…NBAA Regional Forum, Boca Raton, FL. With close to 40 orders, and 23 Hawker 800SP and 800XP2 Blended Winglet Shipsets already installed and flying, Aviation Partners Inc.® patented winglet… Read more »

March 2005 • Press Release

Penta Aviation Services Becomes Canadian Install Center for Hawker 800 Series Blended Winglets

Aviation Partners Inc. R Expands Network of Blended Winglet™ Mod Centers On March 22nd Penta Aviation Services, based in Vancouver British Columbia, was named Aviation Partners Inc’s newest Blended Winglet installation center. Penta Aviation joins West Star Aviation (Grand Junction CO), Duncan Aviation, Inc. and Wing Aviation (Conroe TX) as the 4th authorized Hawker Program… Read more »

December 2004 • Press Release

Hawker 800XP Wins FAA Approval for Blended Winglets™

Aviation Partners Inc., the world’s leading provider of Advanced Technology Blended Winglet Systems, received FAA Supplemental Type Certification for Hawker 800XP Blended Winglets on December 17, 2004. This follows earlier FAA certification of Blended Winglets for the Hawker 800. “Blended Winglets transform the standard 2600 nm Hawker 800XP to a 2780 nm capable aircraft,” says… Read more »

September 2004 • Press Release

Hawker 800SP Blended Winglet Program Receives FAA STC Certification

Aviation Partners Inc. targets over six hundred Hawker 800 series aircraft with its Performance Enhancing Technology Hawker 800 series operators may now look forward to 7% additional range, faster climb to altitude, higher initial cruise levels and significantly improved performance from high and hot airfields with patented* Blended Winglet™ Technology. The Hawker 800 series is… Read more »

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