March 2005

Hawker 800/800XP Blended Winglet Systems Achieve Canadian Certification

Aviation Partners Inc. Looks Forward to Performance Enhancing Canadian Fleet of
800 Series Hawkers

On March 7, 2005 Aviation Partners Inc. received Transport Canada (TC) certification for its Hawker 800 series Blended Winglet Systems. Hawker business jets have always been very popular in Canada and it’s anticipated that the majority of Canadian-based Hawker 800 and 800XP aircraft will soon be upgraded with Blended Winglet Technology.

“With Canadian certification complete, we now cover most all of North America with our Hawker 800 series Blended Winglet programs,” says Aviation Partners Inc. Vice President of Operations Hank Thompson. “Meanwhile, we’re working on European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) certification for the very near future.”

To date, 10 Hawker 800 series aircraft are flying with Aviation Partners Inc. Blended Winglet Technology with orders on the books for close to 30 Hawker winglet systems. “We have firm orders for Hawker 800 Blended Winglet Systems in Canada,” says Aviation Partners Inc. Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn. “Going forward, we envision a very strong market north of the border.”

A Hawker 800 upgraded with Performance Enhancing patented* Blended Winglets becomes an 800SP while a Hawker 800XP with Blended Winglets becomes an 800XP2. Benefits of Performance Enhancing a straight-wing Hawker 800 series business aircraft include a reduction in fuel burn of up to 7%, 30 minutes additional range, 2000 ft higher initial cruise altitudes, improved second segment climb, dramatically increased performance from high altitude and hot airfields and a cruise speed boost of 18kts in many phases of flight.

* Patent No. 52348253


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