January 2006

Hawker 800…800XP Blended Winglet™ Systems Available Now

Upgrade Your Hawker to an 800SP or 800XP2 Today – Fly Farther, Faster, Higher with a Lower Fuel Burn and Improved Residual Value

Seattle WA. January 19, 2006…NBAA Regional Forum, Boca Raton, FL. With close to 40 orders, and 23 Hawker 800SP and 800XP2 Blended Winglet Shipsets already installed and flying, Aviation Partners Inc.® patented winglet systems ($395,000 for the 800 and $425,000 for the 800XP – both including installation) have surpassed all market forecasts.

“We have Blended Winglet Equipped Hawker 800s and 800XPs flying in the US, Europe, Canada and Mexico and we’re are about to make our first Australian sale” says Aviation Partners Inc. Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn. “Positive operator response has been absolutely overwhelming. 800SPs and 800XP2s are quickly becoming the new performance standard in mid-size business aircraft and we expect to sell 40 to 50 shipsets this year.”

A Blended Winglet Enhanced 800SP or 800XP2 will fly 30 minutes longer, 180 nm farther and 18-kts faster compared to a standard series Hawker 800 or Hawker 800XP. It will also climb higher and cruise faster, at any given cruise weight, than the original airplane while saving 7% in fuel burn. Best of all, this revolutionary Performance Upgrade for the Legendary Raytheon Hawker 800 series business aircraft is available for retrofit today.

“The measurable performance improvements of the 800SP and 800XP2 are as remarkable as they are compelling,” says Aviation Partners Senior Vice President of Marketing Dick Friel. “Over a few short years, Blended Winglets have become one of the most widely recognized brands in business and commercial aviation.”

Aviation Partners Blended Winglet Technology has already transformed the majority of the Gulfstream II fleet, it’s standard on every Boeing BBJ delivered and it’s the same technology that’s installed and flying on over 900 Boeing 737-800/700 aircraft.

“Our Blended Winglet program for the Hawker 800 and 800XP has attracted an unprecedented degree of early market interest,” says Aviation Partners Inc. CEO Joe Clark. “There is no doubt that we will performance enhance over 80% of the Hawker 800 series fleet over the next few years with our revolutionary Visible Technology.”

*Patent 5348253


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