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Tons of CO2 Saved

Conservation Through Innovation

Long before sustainability was a buzzword in aviation, Aviation Partners has been providing green solutions to the industry. Every flight using Blended Winglet and Split Scimitar Winglet technology works to benefit the environment in two ways: by burning less fuel and reducing C02 emissions compared to aircraft without the Winglets.

Aviation Partners’ designed Winglets are now flying on more than 10,000 business and commercial aircraft, saving billions of gallons of jet fuel and reducing global C02 emissions by millions of tons. While Winglets work in conjunction with other green innovations, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Aviation Partners’ cutting-edge designs have been cutting drag and improving fuel efficiency by as much as 7 percent by themselves since the 1990s.

To put those numbers in perspective, when we reached the 10-billion-gallon mark of jet fuel saved in 2019, that savings would have operated Alaska Airlines’ entire fleet of aircraft for nearly 14 years. The National Business Aviation Association has said sustainability is a commitment that will be met through technological progress. Aviation Partners’ Winglets are a major part of the technological component to meet proposed near-term greenhouse gas emission standards.

History of Efficiency

Joe Clark, founder of Aviation Partners, improved on the Blended Winglet design in the 1990s that helped lead to recognition throughout the industry, including the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation’s Corporate Award for Balance. It also helped inspire the Lindbergh Foundation’s Aviation Green Alliance, to bring awareness to technological advances to benefit the environment.

Joe Clark, Founder of Aviation Partners

Sustainability Solutions for
the Now

While other sustainability offerings focus on potential solutions, Aviation Partners’ designed Winglets offer practical steps aircraft owners and operators can take right now. Winglets lower environmental impact and help get to carbon neutrality.

Recognized for Sustainability

Gary Dunn, Aviation Partners president, was honored by Corporate Jet Investor in its inaugural list of the Sustainable Power Players in aviation. Among the reasons for this citation, CJI noted that Aviation Partners’ designed Winglets continue to save billions of gallons of fuel worldwide.

Gary Dunn

Supporting SAF Market Acceleration

Recognizing the pressing need to decarbonize aviation, Future Energy Global has launched a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) market accelerator to create a faster path to reach net-zero goals. Aviation Partners is proud to back this innovative financial ecosystem to accelerate the production and uptake of SAF.




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