September 2019

Wow! 10 Billion Gallons of Jet Fuel Saved, 105 Million Tons of Carbon Dioxide Eliminated

Seattle, WA – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) announced today that its unique Blended Winglet™ and Split Scimitar™ Winglet technologies have saved the world’s commercial and business jet operators more than 10 billion gallons of jet fuel, resulting in a corresponding global reduction of over 105 million tons of CO2 emissions. According to U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics for 2018, 10 billion gallons of jet fuel would operate API’s “Hometown Partner” – Alaska Airlines’ entire fleet of aircraft for nearly 14 years. Or, provide fuel for the roughly 450,000 cars in the city of Seattle for 34 years.

Blended Winglets have now been installed on almost 9,000 aircraft, including the Dassault Falcon 900/2000/50 series, Hawker 800 series, Gulfstream II and Boeing BBJ business jets; and the Boeing 737-300/-500/-700/- 800/-900/-900ER, 757-200/-300 and 767-300ER/F airliners. Split Scimitar Winglets are now flying on over 1,200 aircraft including the Boeing 737-700/-800/-900/-900ER and BBJ.

“Although we continue to be very proud of our position as the leader in fuel and emission saving Winglet technology, our tenacity for developing new technology for commercial aerospace is greater than ever,” said Joe Clark, founder and chief executive officer of API, founder and chairman of APB, and founder and chairman of APiJET. “We are extremely excited about our recent progress with APiJET, which is focused on providing real-time aircraft data driven analytics, proving to our customers once again that we never stop looking for ways to boost airline operational efficiency. Basically, we can now provide ‘Digital Winglets’ for the commercial airliner and we are very excited about it.”

We are doing our part in a changing world; for more information and to see our fuel savings counter in real time, fly to:,, and

About Aviation Partners, Inc. 
Seattle, Washington based Aviation Partners, Inc. is the world leader in advanced winglet technology. Aviation Partners Boeing is a joint venture between Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company. APiJET is a joint venture between Aviation Partners, Inc. and iJet Technologies.


Gary Dunn, API VP Sales & Marketing / +1 (206) 762-1171 /

Patrick LaMoria, APB EVP / Chief Commercial Officer / +1 (206) 830-7699 /

TJ Horsager, APiJET VP of Sales & Business Development / +1 (206) 832-1250 /


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