November 2019

Winglets Are Most Important Business Aircraft Upgrade

The first thing an aircraft buyer sees is also the most likely upgrade to increase a jet’s resale value. Winglets are not only the No. 1 most-desired business aircraft upgrade, according to a recent AvBuyer article, they’re an option that’s expected by purchasers.

Aviation Partners’ winglets have long provided value to their owners by reducing fuel burn and expenditures, but their immediate, visual impact on prospective buyers can’t be taken for granted. Seeing winglets on a jet tells the buyer that this aircraft has been well kept up and outfitted with up-to-date, modern technology. It’s a visual cue that could tell more information than the spec sheet. An aircraft without winglets draws attention to a lack of updating. A buyer may ask themselves, what else is obsolete or older on the plane? Avionics? The inflight connectivity? Fleet managers would be wise not to introduce that doubt.

Winglets assure a buyer that this plane has been well maintained to the current standards of the model. Dassault Falcon or Hawker business jets outfitted with winglets represent the accepted, customary state of the aircraft. Buyers might ask for a reduced sale price to offset the necessary winglet installation costs to bring the plane up to these commonly agreed-upon standards. This is one case where an owner doesn’t want their plane to stand out in a crowd. A telling exterior photo on a website or advertisement may give buyers a chance to skip the plane before they ever even really get to gauge its value or fit within their flight department.

Leasing and financing companies rely on this “add-on” to be completed before a sales transaction can proceed. That can add delays to a sale as installation schedules might be tight during a given time period. Proactive installations mean the aircraft is ready to meet buyers’ expectations immediately.


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