January 2006

Over 110 Million Gallons of Jet Fuel Will Be Saved Next Year with Aviation Partners Blended Winglet™ Technology

At 250,000 Gallons Saved Per Day, Blended Winglets Will Reduce Global Fuel
Consumption by 770,000 Gallons Over 3 Days of NBAA 2005


Over 210 Million Gallons Already Saved by Corporate and Commercial Aviation

With 900 commercial and business aircraft currently flying with Aviation Partners patented* Blended Winglets, and 550 additional shipsets to be installed by year end, the world’s airways have become a significantly more fuel-efficient operating environment. Blended Winglets are saving Next Generation Boeing 737-800/700 operators, on average, over 100,000 gallons of fuel per year per aircraft.

“Fuel costs are an airline’s second highest expense, after labor, and prices for jet fuel are the highest they’ve been in 3 decades,” says Aviation Partners Boeing Chairman Joe Clark. “Upgrading to Performance Enhancing Blended Winglet Technology is the most effective approach an operator can take to reduce operating costs and ‘hedge’ on the cost of fuel. Our technology has saved over 210 million gallons of jet fuel to date, it will save an additional 110 million gallons plus next year and more than 150 million gallons in 2007. Assuming we deliver approximately 400 Blended Winglet Shipsets per year, for the rest of the decade, our technology will save approximately 1.2 billion gallons of jet fuel for the decade 2001-2010.”

Whether you’re operating a Raytheon Hawker 800 or 800XP, a Gulfstream II, a Next Generation or Classic Series Boeing 737 or a Boeing 757-200 there’s no better investment than upgrading to revolutionary Blended Winglet Technology.

“Hawker 800 and 800XP operators who upgrade to Blended Winglet Equipped 800SPs and 800XP2s ($395,000. and $425,000. installed) are immediately enjoying fuel saving of up to 7% at cruise,” says Aviation Partners Inc.® Senior Vice President of Marketing Dick Friel. “That’s the equivalent of getting 1 free tank of fuel for every 15 fill-ups! But, the best news is that these fuel saving, and significant performance enhancement benefits, will be with you over the entire economic life of your aircraft.”

With today’s record high fuel prices, and little chance of a major downward price correction, isn’t this the time to upgrade to Blended Winglet Technology? To learn more about immediately reducing the fuel burn on your Hawker 800/800XP, while improving climb efficiency, boosting initial cruise altitude by 2000 feet and augmenting cruise speed, at altitude, by 18 kts talk with Aviation Partners Inc.® Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn, and his Sales Team Booth #3047 and Static Display #3, at NBAA 2005 in Orlando.

*Patent No. 5348253


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