January 2006

Clay Lacy on Blended Winglets

“Blended Winglets™ are the Single Most Significant Aerodynamic Improvement Ever Developed for Commercial or Business Aviation,” says Clay Lacy Aviation Founder & CEO

Aviation Partners Inc.® Plans to Performance Enhance 80% of Existing Hawker 800s and 800XPs

Clay Lacy has been flying business jets ever since Bill Lear introduced the Learjet 23 back in the early 60s and, over the past 10 years, this business aviation legend has flight tested, and written about, more than 50 corporate aircraft types.

“Upgrading a Hawker 800 or 800XP to a Blended Winglet Equipped 800SP or 800XP2 is a no-brainer and a great investment as far as I’m concerned,” says Lacy. “No only do you extend range by up to 7% but you climb to altitude quicker, cruise 18-kts faster and you’ve got better handling, with improved stability, throughout the entire flight envelope.”

Lacy feels that Blended Winglets “Bring a 45 year old aircraft design into the modern age.” Economic payback from the Performance Upgrade ($395,000 for the Hawker 800 and $425,000 for the Hawker 800XP) takes the form of reduced fuel burn, eliminated refueling stops, enhanced resale value and overall improved capability.

“A Hawker equipped with Blended Winglets burns up to 15 gallons less fuel per hour which, at today’s prices, works out to a savings of $60 per flight hour or about $36,000 per year at typical utilization of 600 hours,” says Lacy. “With Blended Winglets, you can fly your Hawker coast-to-coast, nonstop, against a 30 kt greater headwind component and this will save you an additional $250 – $400 for every fuel stop you’re able to avoid. When it comes time to sell your airplane, you’ll not only recover your Blended Winglet investment but the upgraded aircraft will sell quicker because everyone will prefer to have the Blended Winglets.”

Hawker 800 and 800XP operators can now take advantage of the same revolutionary patented* Blended Winglet Technology that’s flying on over 900 Boeing aircraft worldwide and specified as Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) on over 80% of all Next Generation Boeing 737s delivered.

“This is the moment Hawker 800 & 800XP operators have been waiting for,” says Aviation Partners Founder & CEO Joe Clark. “Blended Winglets make a dramatic difference in performance, capability and overall operating economy. With our Visible Technology, the legendary Hawker reaches a new level of productivity.”

*Patent# 5348253


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