March 2005

Penta Aviation Services Becomes Canadian Install Center for Hawker 800 Series Blended Winglets

Aviation Partners Inc. R Expands Network of Blended Winglet™ Mod Centers

On March 22nd Penta Aviation Services, based in Vancouver British Columbia, was named Aviation Partners Inc’s newest Blended Winglet installation center. Penta Aviation joins West Star Aviation (Grand Junction CO), Duncan Aviation, Inc. and Wing Aviation (Conroe TX) as the 4th authorized Hawker Program installation facility.

“We selected Penta Aviation Services as our Canadian installation center because of their reputation for very high quality work, their strategic location and the fact that they are already the preferred modification and service center for many Hawker operators,” says Aviation Partners Vice President of Operations Hank Thompson.

Penta Aviation, a fully authorized Independent Service Center for the Raytheon Hawker, provides light to heavy airframe maintenance, avionics, paint and interior refurbishment to Hawker operators throughout North America.

“It’s a wonderful accolade for our company to be recognized by Aviation Partners as a quality service center and a preferred installation center for Blended Winglet Technology,” says Penta Aviation Services General Manager Nigel Argent. “We’re very pleased to be associated with Aviation Partners Blended Winglet program and we look forward to helping our Hawker customers dramatically improve the performance of their aircraft with this very innovative technology.”

Aviation Partner’s patented* Blended Winglet Technology for Raytheon Hawker 800 and 800XP series aircraft received Canadian Transport supplemental type certification on March 7, 2005. A Hawker 800 equipped with Blended Winglets becomes an 800SP while a Blended Winglet Enhanced Hawker 800XP becomes an 800XP2.

Performance enhancing a Hawker series aircraft to an 800SP or 800XP2 ($395,000. for the 800 and $425,000. for the 800XP – both including installation) is one of the best investments an operator can make in today’s market in terms of both performance improvement and return on investment. A Blended Winglet Enhanced 800SP or 800XP2 will fly 30 minutes longer, 180 nm farther and 18-knots faster compared to a standard series Hawker 800. It will also climb higher and cruise faster, at any given cruise weight, than the original airplane while saving 7% in fuel burn.

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* Patent No. 52348253


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