December 2004

Hawker 800 with Aviation Partners Blended Winglets Establishes Maui – Las Vegas Speed Record at the NBAA 2004 Show

Veteran Pilot and record setter Clay Lacy, sets another speed record in the newly
certified Blended Winglet Equipped Hawker 800.

A Performance Enhanced Hawker 800SP captained by Clay Lacy flew the 2753 statute mile from Maui to Las Vegas in 5 hours and 34 minutes at an average speed of just under 500 mph. Fuel remaining was 2220 lbs.

The flight over to the islands from Van Nuys to Maui took just 6 hours, 9 minutes at cruising altitudes up to 41,000 feet. Average speed over the 2481- mile course was 403 mph, against 55 kt. head winds and landing with 2050 lbs. of fuel.

Captain Lacy commented, “The Winglets are adding over 30 minutes endurance which is about 7% more range. This opens new destinations such as Hawaii as comfortable routes for the Hawker 800 and the XP. Being able to cruise 2000 feet higher at the same weights is a big plus.”

On board the Hawker 800 were Joe Clark, CEO and Founder of Aviation Partners, Inc. and API Chief Test Pilot, Dale Ranz and API Test Pilot, Rajesh Kothari.

Joe Clark commented, “What’s important about this record is not the speed of the trip but that it shows how the Hawker 800 equipped with Blended Winglets can fly to new destinations much more comfortably and land with much more fuel. It opens up a whole new world for Hawker operators. Here at API we’re bringing modern technology to a modern airplane. Blended Winglets make a huge difference to the workhorse Hawker 800 and XP’s.”

Clark says, “Come see us at booth number 12220, so we may show you how to enhance your Hawker 800 or XP with the most advances winglet technology ever developed.”

API’s technology is also found on the Boeing BBJ, 737-300, Next Generation 737-700, 800, the Gulfstream II and the soon to be certified Boeing 757 for airlines and corporate operators.

To date along with Aviation Partners Boeing (its joint venture with The Boeing Company), Aviation Partners has equipped almost 600 airplanes with its cutting edge Blended Winglet Technology.

In the next 12 months, Blended Winglets will save the aviation community more than 60 million gallons of fuel just on existing fleets already flying Blended Winglets.

“At Aviation Partners, we are doing our part in a changing world,” said Clark.

*Patent 5348253


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