December 2004

Hawker 800XP Wins FAA Approval for Blended Winglets™

Aviation Partners Inc., the world’s leading provider of Advanced Technology Blended Winglet Systems, received FAA Supplemental Type Certification for Hawker 800XP Blended Winglets on December 17, 2004. This follows earlier FAA certification of Blended Winglets for the Hawker 800.

“Blended Winglets transform the standard 2600 nm Hawker 800XP to a 2780 nm capable aircraft,” says Aviation Partners Inc. VP Sales, Gary Dunn. “A Blended Winglet Equipped Hawker 800 / Hawker 800XP will climb higher and cruise faster, at any given cruise weight, than the original airplane while saving 7% in fuel burn.

Performance Enhancing your Hawker 800 or Hawker 800 XP aircraft ( $395,000 for the 800 and $425,000 for the 800XP – both including installation) is one of the best investments an operator can make in today’s market in terms of both performance improvement and return on investment. A Hawker 800 series aircraft will fly 30 minutes longer, 180 nm farther, 18-kts faster and with a 2000 ft higher initial cruise altitude compared to a standard Hawker 800. In addition, the Hawker 800 series Blended Winglet incorporates the absolute state-of-the-art LED lighting technology.

Aviation Partners, Inc. build order currently stands at 30 Blended Winglet Systems for Hawker 800 and 800XP series aircraft.

“This patented*, proven and visible technology promises Hawker 800XP owners coast-to-coast range, enhanced high and hot performance and the same Blended Winglet technology found on the Next Generation Boeing 737 aircraft,” says Aviation Partners Inc. Founder & CEO Joe Clark.

Aviation Partners Inc. has two appointed Hawker 800XP installation centers — West Star Aviation in Grand Junction CO and Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek MI. “The goal,” says Aviation Partners Inc. VP Operations Hank Thompson, “is to have 3-4 authorized Hawker Blended Winglet installation centers in North America and 1 in Europe.”

“Certification on the Hawker 800XP has been a great Christmas present for everyone here at Aviation Partners Inc. and for Hawker 800 series operators worldwide who have been waiting to see this program become a reality,” says Clark. “We’re gearing up to upgrade 50 to 75 Hawker 800 series aircraft a year with our Blended Winglet Technology.

*Patent 5348253


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