September 2004

Hawker 800SP Blended Winglet Program Receives FAA STC Certification

Aviation Partners Inc. targets over six hundred Hawker 800 series aircraft with its
Performance Enhancing Technology

Hawker 800 series operators may now look forward to 7% additional range, faster climb to altitude, higher initial cruise levels and significantly improved performance from high and hot airfields with patented* Blended Winglet™ Technology.

The Hawker 800 series is one of the most popular mid-sized business jets ever produced and Blended Winglet Technology makes this legendary airplane even better and a true coast-to-coast performer! A Hawker 800SP will fly 30 minutes longer, 180 nm farther, 18 kts faster and with a 2000 ft higher initial cruise altitude compared to a standard Hawker 800. High/hot airport performance is improved with Blended Winglets and operators will enjoy improved 2nd segment climb. With the ability to climb to higher initial cruise altitudes, step climbs may be omitted from many mission profiles.

Aviation Partners Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Advanced Technology Blended Winglet Systems. Today, over 70% of the Gulfstream II fleet has been Performance Enhanced to IISPs with Blended Winglet Technology. The Boeing Business Jet, Boeing 737-700/800 NG series and the Boeing 737-300 Classic all fly Aviation Partners, Inc. Blended Winglet Technology. Benefits of this revolutionary fuel saving “visible technology” promise to be even more dramatic on Hawker 800 series aircraft.

“Blended Winglets transform the standard 2,510 nm Hawker 800 to a 2,690 nm capable Hawker 800SP,” says Aviation Partners Inc. Sales Director Gary Dunn. “For a take off weight limited high-altitude airport and hot day, 800SP operators will be able to depart with up to 1,800 lbs more weight. A Blended Winglet Equipped Hawker 800 will climb higher and cruise faster, at any given cruise weight, than the original airplane.”

There are currently over six hundred Hawker 800 series aircraft, manufactured between 1984 and the present day, in service worldwide.

Performance Enhancing your Hawker 800 series aircraft to a Hawker 800SP ($395,000. including installation) is one of the best investments an operator can make in today’s market in terms of both performance improvement and return on investment.

“This is the moment Hawker 800 operators have been waiting for,” says Aviation Partners Inc. CEO Joe Clark. “We believe the benefits of this performance upgrade are so compelling that more than 600 Hawker 800 series aircraft will transition to Blended Winglet Enhanced 800SPs. Our technology is currently on over 300 commercial jets through our joint venture with The Boeing Company. Anytime you can improve the productivity of an existing airplane, it’s a wise investment.”

*Patent 5348253


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