December 2008

VIP and Head of State Boeing Aircraft Benefit from Blended Winglet Technology

Since presenting a Blended Winglet Equipped BBJ – operated by Dubai Air Wing – at the 1999 Dubai Air Show the large cabin operator community has quickly migrated to the many operational and performance benefits only possible with Aviation Partners patented* technology. Today, Blended Winglets are standard equipment on the BBJ and more than 2850 Boeing commercial aircraft are flying with Blended Winglets, including 12 VIP Boeing 757-200s. Blended Winglet programs are now available for the 737-300/-500, and will be certified soon 767-300ER

“Fast forward 9 years from our Blended Winglet debut on a Boeing airplane at the 1999 Dubai Air Show and we’ve radically changed the marketplace in terms of large cabin VIP and head of state aircraft productivity,” says Aviation Partners Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn. “A Blended Winglet Equipped BBJ, 737-300/-500, 757-200 or 767-300ER offers 5% – 7% additional range, improved climb capability, augmented fuel reserves, a high-tech image and important reductions in both fuel burn and emissions. There’s no other modification you can do to a business or VIP aircraft that will give you anything close to the productivity improvements of Blended Winglet Technology.”

Aviation Partners has retrofitted 12 VIP/Corporate 757-200s – the latest , for Athens-based Gainjet, will enter service this month – and recently completed the world’s first Blended Winglet Equipped VIP 737-300. Later this year we’ll certify 767-300ER Blended Winglets with Geneva-based PrivatAir as the first VIP operator to commit.

“The Middle East represent one of the world’s most important VIP and head of state markets,” says Dunn. “This is where the bulk of the global BBJ fleet is based and market demand within the region remains strong for VIP 757 and 767 series aircraft. We look forward to performance enhancing many more large-cabin VIP transports over the next few years.”

Aviation Partners CEO & Founder Joe Clark says, “Blended Winglets deliver the perfect combination of performance, technology and ecology. We’ll continue to expand our product line to benefit increasingly important VIP and head of state markets.”

Visit Aviation Partners booth 925 during MEBA 2008 to talk with Gary Dunn about how you can improve aircraft performance, boost range and dramatically reduce fuel.

*Patent# 5348253


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