December 2008

Blended Winglet Technology Dramatically Improves Mission Capability for Business Jet Operators

Over the past 15 years Aviation Partners Blended Winglet systems have improved and redefined the economics of flight with fuel savings and environmental benefits nothing short of spectacular. Today, over 2850 Boeing aircraft on 6 continents, and more than 200 Gulfstream II and Hawker 800 series business jets, are wearing patented* performance enhancing Blended Winglets.

“Blended Winglet systems are a game changer in that they’ll improve range, performance and overall aircraft productivity more than any other modification or retrofit you can do to your aircraft,” says Aviation Partners Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn. “On long-range missions – as a result of better managed airflow over the wing — you’ll see range and reduced fuel burn in the order 7% along with improved climb performance, better fuel reserves and augmented endurance. For operators based in the Middle East the increased second segment climb and improved range enhancing benefits of Blended Winglets open up a number of new European destinations.”

Today, over 100 Hawker 800/800XP aircraft have been upgraded with Blended Winglets, including two Hawker 800XPs in this region. We anticipate adding the Hawker 750 to our existing STC soon. The network of authorized installers was recently bolstered with the addition of DAE-owned Standard Aero facilities in the US, and NAC in South Africa.

Certification of Blended Winglets for the Dassault Falcon 2000 is anticipated in Q1 2009 and a significant backlog of orders already exists. Follow on programs for retrofit Blended Winglets for Falcon 900 and 50 series aircraft are also in work.

Aviation Partners CEO & Founder Joe Clark says, “Blended Winglets deliver the perfect combination of performance, technology and ecology and this revolutionary enhancement is measurably effective on all makes and models of commercial and business aircraft. Blended Winglets offer dramatic improvement in range, and fuel savings, over the entire remaining economic life of the airframe.”

Visit Aviation Partners booth 925 during MEBA 2008 to talk with Gary Dunn about how you can improve aircraft performance, boost range and dramatically reduce fuel burn.

*Patent# 5348253


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