June 7, 2021

Finding the Ideal Time to Install Winglets

Aviation maintenance and performance go hand in hand. Smart owners know that keeping a well-maintained aircraft means lower costs down the line and better return on their investment both in regular operations and resale options.

Adding Blended Winglets is another proven way to boost performance in Dassault Falcon and Hawker aircraft. Increasing range and saving fuel are only some of the ways winglets improve flight operations. The question for owners is finding the right time to schedule this modification for maximum impact and minimal downtime.

Incorporate During Scheduled Maintenance

All aircraft require heavy maintenance after a specified number of flight hours or years in service. For Falcons that usually equates to once every six years, while Hawkers usually are 48-month inspection cycles.

As one plans for this major undertaking up to a year in advance, it’s a great time to also make performance-boosting modifications, as well. Winglet installations often take about five weeks for Falcons and two weeks for Hawkers, well within the downtime normally allotted for the aforementioned major maintenance events.

Combining upgrades with maintenance work is a great way to efficiently use aircraft downtime. As technicians upgrade avionics, install an inflight communications system, or refit the interior, an external team can work on winglets.

Schedule Upgrades Before Service Entry

Winglets should be on the maintenance and modification checklist immediately following an aircraft acquisition. Make sure a pre-owned aircraft is exactly the way you want it before you take your first flight. That small delay to entry into service ensures increased future performance for the entirety of your ownership.

This investment will pay off from your first flight, reducing wingtip vortices, which produces less drag and lower fuel burn. You’ll benefit from superior climb and cruise characteristics that the previous owner didn’t enjoy. With longer range, a higher initial cruise altitude on many flights, and reduced emissions on every flight.

Add Resale Value Anytime

While coordinating winglet installation with other work is ideal, there is no wrong time to add a modification that will have long-term benefits. Adding Blended Winglets to your Falcon or Hawker immediately makes it more attractive to future buyers, providing more efficient operations as well as completing the aesthetics of the aircraft.

Your aircraft jumps to the top of inventory lists with the features buyers are looking for. Regardless of when it’s time to sell, you’re also enhancing your current ownership flight to flight, with greater fuel efficiency and high performance.

Whenever you decide, scheduling your winglet installation will pay off in the future. Let’s find the plan that works for you.


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