May 2010

API Blended Winglets Provide Relief From 180 Minute ETOPS Restriction

Seattle, Washington. May 3, 2010 – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) announced today that, in response to a need from long-time customer AirMed International, it recently received FAA acceptance of an operational supplement allowing nonETOPS operation of the Blended Winglet equipped Hawker 800 (800SP). The advent of more stringent ETOPS rules for Part 135 Operations in 2008 effectively ended trips between the US mainland and Hawaii for the Hawker 800 series aircraft; acceptance of the new API supplement make API Blended Winglet-equipped 800SPs the only 800 series aircraft capable of flying these missions under Part 135.

During recent proving flights using an AirMed Hawker 800SP medical jet, API demonstrated that the addition of Blended Winglets enable the Hawker 800 to reach a suitable airport in 180 minutes or less after an engine shutdown, thus allowing the 800SP aircraft to operate overwater flights, including the US mainland to Hawaii missions, without having to meet additional ETOPS requirements.

“This is just one more example of the tremendous value added by Blended Winglets,” said Gary Dunn, API Vice President of Sales. “Our customer was faced with the prospect of ceasing its life-saving air ambulance flights to Hawaii, or buying an ETOPS capable aircraft, but the increased aerodynamic efficiency provided by the Winglets meant the driftdown speeds and altitudes could be adjusted to meet the 180 minutes requirement.”

API Blended Winglets (FAA STC #ST01411SE) are now flying on approaching 150 Hawker 800 series aircraft, with operators enjoying increased range and/or fuel reserves, reduced fuel burn and emissions, improved second segment climb, and a healthy return at resale.

Birmingham, Alabama, based Airmed International currently operates two 800SPs in an air ambulance role, and is looking to grow that fleet now that restrictions on its overwater flights have been lifted. “Within the first week of receiving the FAA’s acceptance, AirMed was able to complete a transport of a critical patient from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland.” said Jeff Tolbert, founder and CEO of AirMed International.

The FAA accepted Crew Manual Supplement details the 180 minute diversion distances and provides charts for driftdown and cruise planning. This supplement is applicable to all existing 800SP operators, and to future Hawker 800 Blended Winglet customers.


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