March 2010


Seattle, WA. March 3, 2010… Aviation Partners, Inc. and Aviation Partners Boeing announced today that as of March 5, 2010 at 19:05 P.S.T. their unique Blended Winglet* Technology will have saved the world’s airlines and private jet operators 2 Billion gallons of jet fuel, or 4 Billion plus U.S. dollars. This represents a global reduction in CO2 emissions of almost 21.5 Million tons. Aviation Partners Winglet Technology is now flying on more than 3,700 airplanes and 21 different models.

Joe Clark, Chairman and CEO of Aviation Partners, and John Reimers, CEO of Aviation Partners Boeing, both agreed the fuel savings are significant and this number will climb exponentially to more than 7 Billion gallons within the next five years.

Clark said, “We are very proud of this achievement and excited that we are ahead of the curve in energy conservation.” This technology is being delivered to the world’s airlines and private jet operators at a rate of over 400 aircraft per year.

What’s unique about Aviation Partners Blended Winglet technology is that it is available for existing airplanes as well as new production. Aviation Partners Boeing has retrofitted roughly two thousand in-service airplanes to make them more efficient in today’s environment.

We are doing our part in a changing world.

* patent #5348253


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