September 2009

Canadian Approval for Falcon 2000 Series Winglets

Seattle, WA. September 3, 2009 – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) confirmed that Transport Canada recently granted Canadian Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for its High Mach Blended Winglets on the Dassault Falcon 2000 series aircraft. FAA and EASA and most recently ANAC STC were received earlier in 2009 after an extensive development and flight test program carried out in collaboration with Dassault. This working relationship was first announced at EBACE in 2007 at the launch of the Falcon 2000LX (the 2000LX is the 2000EX EASy with API Blended Winglet STC installed in production).

The Winglets for the Falcon 2000 Series are “High Mach” Blended Winglets – this revolutionary new design is optimized for cruise speeds of Mach .80 and higher. On the 2000EX the Winglets will provide a drag reduction of 5 percent at Mach .80, which equates to a 200+ nm range increase; at long-range cruise speeds the benefits are even greater. In addition the 5 to 7+ percent fuel savings the Winglets provide a significant reduction in emissions.

“Anytime you can improve the productivity and performance of an existing asset, while making it more eco-friendly, is a wise investment,” said Joe Clark, API founder and CEO, “We are doing our part in a changing world.”

API is accepting orders for Falcon 2000 and 2000EX retrofits and, despite the current global economy has a substantial backlog of orders. Installations are already being carried out at API’s authorized facilities in the US, and the first Canadian registered example is expected to enter service in late 2009; downtime for the modification is anticipated to be around three weeks. To learn more about the Falcon 2000 Winglet program, or future plans for the Falcon 900 and 50 families, contact Gary Dunn at or .


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