May 2008

VIP & Head-of-State Boeing Aircraft Maximize Range, Performance and Utility with Aviation Partners Blended Winglets

Aviation Partners has upgraded 10 Boeing 757-200s — both VIP and Head-of-State aircraft – with Performance Enhancing Blended Winglet Systems. This is in addition to Blended Winglet Systems installed on 2 [is this the correct number of C-32As] US government special mission 757-200s. PrivatAir, already an operator of Blended Winglet Technology on their BBJs and 757-200, is the world’s first VIP 767- 300ER operator to order Blended Winglets for installation mid 2009.

Aviation Partners, Inc. is the sales channel for Aviation Partners Boeing retrofit winglets on VIP and Head-of-State aircraft and market interest in this area remains high. As these aircraft often fly longer flight sectors than typical airline configured aircraft they’re ideal candidates in achieving maximum benefit from Blended Winglet Technology.

VIP and Head-of-State Blended Winglet retrofits also represent measurable productivity boosts for Boeing 737 operators. While every BBJ is delivered with patented* Blended Winglets, as standard equipment, retrofits are available, directly from Aviation Partners, for in-service 737-300/-500/-700 and -800 aircraft.

The current global market for Blended Winglet VIP and Head-of-State Performance Upgrades, at this point in time, is about 25 757-200s, 5 767-300ERs and 25 737 Next Generation and Classic airframes. Aviation Partners expects this to grow as more airliners are converted to a VIP or corporate role.

Aviation Partners, and Aviation Partners Boeing, have Performance Enhanced more than 2500 commercial and business aircraft to date, with orders for approximately 1200 more. For more information on upgrading your VIP, Head-of-State or business aircraft with revolutionary, range-extending, Blended Winglet Technology contact Gary Dunn during EBACE in Geneva May 20-22nd (display area #1060 or cell: 206-310-2904).

* Patent No. 5348253


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