May 2007

Coca-Cola Enterprises Orders four Shipsets of Aviation Partners Blended Winglets for Hawker fleet.

Seattle, WA. May 9, 2007– Coca-Cola Enterprise’s Atlanta GA based corporate flight department will soon sport 4 Blended Winglet Equipped Raytheon Hawker 800 series aircraft – 2 800SPs and 2 800XP2s – in a move that not only dramatically improves airframe efficiency and capability but unifies fleet image. First Blended Winglet installation was accomplished recently at Duncan Aviation with the additional 3 shipsets soon to be installed in-house.

“We studied the numbers and efficiencies and decided that installing Winglets would save Coca-Cola Enterprises thousands of dollars per year in operating costs.” says Coca-Cola Director of Aviation Brian Ross. While Blended Winglets make an important contribution to the bottom line it was a much broader issue that lead to Coca-Cola Enterprises decision to upgrade to Blended Winglets suggests Ross. “By upgrading a straight 800A we get XP performance at a fraction of the price.”

The economic argument to upgrade your Hawker 800 or 800XP to a Blended Winglet Equipped 800SP or 800XP2 ($438,000 installed) has never been more compelling. With fuel burn reduced up to 7%, 180 nm additional range, 18 kts faster cruise speed at altitude and improved second segment climb performance, a Performance Enhanced 800SP or 800XP2 gives corporate flight departments optimum return on investment. “You can take a 20 year old airframe, add Blended Winglets and paint, and have an aircraft that looks and performs better than a new Hawker” says Aviation Partners VP of Sales Gary Dunn.

*Patent# 5348253


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