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Gallons of Fuel Saved

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  • "Blended Winglets are the single most significant aerodynamic improvement ever developed for commercial or business aviation."

    Clay Lacy, Aviation Founder & CEO
  • "At M.80 [and FL450] the fuel flow was 1,700 lbs/hr, which would compare with almost 2,000 lbs/hr down at 410 without the winglets. Clearly, the combination of improved wing performance and improved fuel specifics at the higher altitude is a great combination for range."

    Randy Greene, Chairman/Pilot, Safe Flight Instrument Corp., Falcon 900B
  • "We are thrilled with the installation of our winglets. The performance we are achieving is well beyond my expectations."

    Brian Katz, Aviation Mgr/Chief Pilot, The Dawson Companies, Hawker 800XP
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