October 2006

Hawker 800SP and 800XP2 Blended Winglet Programs Win Record Orders

50 Hawker 800s and 800XPs have been Performance Enhanced with Aviation Partners Inc. Blended Winglet Technology


*** 800SPs and 800XP2s now Operating on 3 Continents ***

October 12, 2006 Seattle WA – With close to 60 shipsets now sold – a roughly even mix between 800SPs and 800XP2s – Aviation Partners Blended Winglet program for Raytheon Hawker 800s and Hawker 800XPs ($425,000 installed) has achieved unprecedented market success. Operators of Performance Enhanced 800SPs and 800XP2s are saving up to 7% in fuel burn, flying 180 nm farther, cruising 18 kts faster and achieving 2000 foot higher initial cruise altitudes. An 800XP2, with Aviation Partners patented* Blended Winglets, gets better performance numbers than a new Hawker 850XP.

“Operator interest in Hawker 800/800XP Blended Winglet Systems is at an all time high,” confirms Aviation Partners Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn. “New buyers of Hawker 800s and 800XPs — in the resale world — are choosing to put Blended Winglets on their aircraft in record numbers and we currently have 2 installations in progress. International sales have been strong, in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Africa, and we’re actively working with a number of very motivated prospects in the international marketplace. ”

Operators, worldwide, are choosing to upgrade to Aviation Partners revolutionary Blended Winglet Technology not only to dramatically improve performance and significantly reduce fuel burn but also to give their aircraft a more modern look and to enhance future resale value.

“This is the same cutting-edge Blended Winglet Technology that’s now flying on over 1500 commercial and business aircraft — from Boeing Next Generation 737s and Boeing 757-200s to BBJs and Gulfstream II business jets,” says Aviation Partners Senior Vice President of Marketing Dick Friel. “Aviation Partners has been on the leading edge of the wing optimization business for over 15 years and we’ve established an unquestioned leadership position in wingtip devices.”

The future, for Hawker 800/800XP operators together with the global business jet marketplace, is “On the Wing,” says Aviation Partners CEO Joe Clark. “Just as the automotive industry has transitioned to radial tires, the aviation industry will upgrade to Performance Enhancing Blended Winglet Technology.”

Make a point of talking with Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn (display area 876 or cell # 206-310-2904) during NBAA 2006 October 17th – 19th in Orlando, FL.

*Patent# 5348253


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