November 2006

Aviation Partners Blended Winglet Business Aircraft Programs Achieve Record Growth

800SP and 800XP2 Fleets to Double over Next 12 Months Price Increase January 1, 2007 to $438,000.

SEATTLE WA, November 27, 2006 – Six Blended Winglet Shipset sales were finalized during NBAA 2006 – 3 800SPs and 3 800XP2s – bringing total Hawker program sales to over 65 shipsets. By year-end, 58 Hawker 800s and 800XPs will be flying as Performance Enhanced Blended Winglet Equipped 800SPs and 800XP2s.

“NBAA was a very good week for us and we’ve stayed busy with market interest in our business aircraft Blended Winglet Programs at an all-time high,” says Aviation Partners Inc. Vice President of Sales Gary Dunn. “We’re seeing a steepening of the curve in Blended Winglet System orders and we anticipate doubling our installed fleet of Blended Winglet Equipped Hawker 800s and 800XPs over the next year.”

Aviation Partners Blended Winglet Raytheon Hawker 800s and Hawker 800XPs programs ($425,000 installed – until December 31, 2006) have achieved unprecedented market momentum due to a combination of dramatic operator benefits. Performance Enhanced 800SPs and 800XP2s save up to 7% in fuel burn, fly 180 nm farther, enjoy improved second segment climb, cruise 18 kts faster, achieve 2000 foot higher initial cruise altitudes and look great. An 800XP2, with genuine Aviation Partners patented* Blended Winglets, gives you better performance numbers than a new Hawker 850XP.

“We still have Hawker 800 and 800XP Blended Winglet Shipsets available for delivery this year and we’ve re-started production of Gulfstream II Shipsets ($475,000. installed),” says Aviation Partners Senior Vice President of Marketing Dick Friel. “Blended Winglet Technology is quickly becoming the standard in the Hawker 800 and 800XP world, just as it has among GII operators.”

Now is the time to upgrade performance, image and fuel efficiency of your Hawker or Gulfstream II business jet! Whether you’re taking delivery of a pre-owned aircraft, or looking to retrofit an existing asset, it’s Onward and Upward with Aviation Partners VisibleTechnology. “The future is on the wing,” says Aviation Partners CEO Joe Clark.

*Patent# 5348253


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