March 16, 2022

Tips for Going Green

Practical Sustainability Solutions for the Now

Just a decade ago, “sustainable flight department” meant one that could justify its existence by increasing the company’s bottom line, or proving a need for the executive travel utility it provided – or a combination thereof.

Today “sustainability” is described as the best method for lowering man-made carbon emissions. And while business aviation’s global CO2 emissions are only about 0.04% of total man-made carbon emissions worldwide (General Aviation Manufacturers Association), our industry is committed to meeting the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. NBAA supports that initiative with its Sustainable Flight Department Accreditation Program, which recognizes operators that meet “exceptional environmental sustainability standards.”

“Sustainable flying” in business aviation today means far more than just fueling profitability or providing safe and secure executive transport.

Read the article by Gary Dunn in Business Aviation Advisor.


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