June 12, 2024

Connections, Organizations Propel Us Forward

Aviation Partners has long partnerships with some of the biggest and most impactful organizations in business and general aviation. We’re proud to be contributing members of these groups that recognize how important aviation is for the future.

Being active members of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) are three examples of aviation groups building relationships with companies and supporting the industry. These connections are vital to open opportunities, enhance networks and continue to grow our collective businesses. Joining and working with them is something any business aviation company should strongly consider to make an impact.

NBAA – More Than the Shows

Many people in the industry recognize NBAA for its conventions, exhibitions and conferences. NBAA-BACE, held annually in the fall, is the largest business aviation gathering of the year, with companies, individuals and manufacturers coming together to celebrate the impact of our industry.

With gatherings in North America and Europe, as well as partnerships with similar organizations in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, it’s understandable how the events get the attention, but the NBAA has been a leader in the business aviation community for more than 70 years. It helps set standards in safety, shapes public policy and advances the goals of more than 10,000 companies and professionals.

Being an NBAA member gives Aviation Partners and others tools and guidance on how to build their own business. It connects us with other NBAA members and decision makers. The NBAA also receives input through smaller regional or sector-specific events throughout the year, and prioritizes its members’ concerns to give us a larger voice in national policy discussions. It provides guidance on tax and financial issues, as well as in safety and sustainability. Of course, whether it’s in Las Vegas or Geneva, the NBAA knows how to put on a show.

IADA Brings Buyers and Sellers Together

For prospective business aircraft buyers, Aviation Partners Winglets are a modification that prioritizes an aircraft for purchase. IADA is the collective group that keeps inventory in front of buyers, and gives sellers the tools to maximize their investment.

Working for business aircraft owners globally, IADA members are committed to professional standards, ethics and exchange of information to facilitate transactions and create more transparency in the transaction process. IADA’s accredited dealers and certified brokers are the most trusted in the industry, working together to lift all business aircraft ownership and usage globally.

We were proud to help sponsor IADA’s recent spring member conference in San Diego, which brought together dealers, brokers, aviation product/service providers and OEMs. Being a member helps the public identify companies and organizations who value ethical and highly skilled aircraft transaction professionals. Transparency and standards are crucial to our success.

GAMA Speaks for Manufacturers and MROs

For more than 50 years, GAMA has been an effective trade organization to advance safety and development of the business and general aviation industry. A major role is educating the public in how the manufacturing and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) segments are economic drivers and serve their communities, companies and individuals worldwide.

GAMA works with its members in advancing the efficiency of aircraft, such as installing winglets and instituting other sustainability efforts. Like NBAA, GAMA helps to influence public policy in North America, Europe, and beyond; and leads the way in showing the impact industry technology and innovation has for future flyers and passengers. GAMA documents the economic benefits of aviation and how it provides fuel for businesses and communities to keep growing.

Climbing. Fast. – More Than Just Words

NBAA, IADA and GAMA are founding members, along with nine other industry organizations, of Climbing. Fast. This industry initiative showcases business aviation’s many societal benefits, from driving opportunities for today’s workforce, to leading sustainability innovations. Like business jets equipped with Aviation Partners’ winglets the entire industry is, has been, and will continue to be: Climbing. Fast.

Shown in photo above L to R: Ed Bolen, President & CEO of NBAA; Gary Dunn, President of Aviation Partners; Johnny Foster, President & CEO of OGARAJETS (and former Chairman of IADA predecessor NARA).

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