October 2011

Aviation Partners Unveils The Shapes of the Future

Radical new designs from the Leaders in Advanced Winglet Technology

Las Vegas, USA. October 9, 2011 – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) is displaying some revolutionary new Winglet designs, as well as improvements to existing Blended Winglet technology, at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas. These new Winglet designs, namely the Scimitar Blended Winglet, Spiroid Winglet and Blended Split-Tip Scimitar Winglet reinforce API’s position as the leaders in advanced winglet technology.

The Scimitar Blended Winglet design adds a new tip-cap detail to the existing Blended Winglet configuration. This technology has shown an improvement of up to 10% of the benefit provided by the existing Blended Winglet hardware. The scimitar tip is certified for the Hawker 800 series and this new Winglet configuration is now being shipped for installation.

The previously patented Spiroid Winglet concept was further refined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology in preparation for flight testing on a Falcon 50 in 2010. The flight test results proved a drag reduction of over 11%. API is currently studying possible future applications for Spiroid Winglet technology on a number of business and commercial aircraft.

The Blended Split-Tip Scimitar Winglet is a follow-on design of API’s proven technology. The Split Winglet features the addition of a Blended ventral fin to the existing Blended Winglet design, in addition to Scimitar Tips and a reconfiguration of the span circle. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results indicate a cruise performance gain of over 40% above the original Blended Winglet configuration. This new design will be ready for flight test in the coming months, and API is excited about its potential.

“We have a long history of innovation and success with our Blended Winglet products on Boeing, Falcon, Hawker and Gulfstream aircraft,” Said Joe Clark, API founder and CEO. “We don’t rest on our laurels however, and these new Winglet designs are further examples of our continuing commitment to advancing Winglet technology. We are doing our part in a changing world.”

To see examples of API’s “Shapes of the Future”, as well as existing Blended Winglet technology, visit API during the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas, October 10-12 (booth C8110).

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