October 2010

Aviation Partners to Start Taking Deposits for Falcon 900 and 50 Series Blended Winglets at NBAA

Atlanta, Georgia. October 18, 2010 – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) announced today that it expects Blended Winglet certification for retrofits on the Falcon 900 and 50 series aircraft in Q1 and Q3 2011 respectively. API will begin accepting deposits for early delivery positions at the NBAA Convention (October 19-21, 2010); the STC kit price is $575,000.

The Blended Winglets for the Falcon 900 and 50 are similar to those currently certified for the Falcon 2000 Series, both as an API STC for in-service aircraft and incorporated in production by Dassault on the Falcon 2000LX and 900LX.

“We have seen tremendous early demand for Winglets from both the Falcon 900 and 50 operator community,” said Gary Dunn, API Vice President of Sales, “in fact this upgrade could quickly become our most successful business jet Winglet program based on the interest we have seen in recent months.”

The Winglets for the three major Falcon families are “High Mach” Blended Winglets – this revolutionary new design is optimized for cruise speeds of Mach .80 and higher. On the Falcon 2000 series aircraft the Winglets provide a drag reduction of 5 percent at Mach .80, and over 7 percent at Long Range Cruise, with the same incremental improvement expected on 900 and 50 series aircraft This drag reduction will provide a corresponding range increase on all models. API’s High Mach Blended Winglets have been retrofitted on 20 Falcon 2000 series aircraft to date, with several more scheduled for installation before year end, and more than 60 Winglet-equipped 2000LXs delivered from the factory. These aircraft are becoming an increasingly common sight at FBOs around the world; with the operators already enjoying increased range and fuel reserves, reduced fuel burn and emissions, and positioned to see a healthy return at resale.

“It is very bright for the future,” said Joe Clark, API founder and CEO, “these aircraft are built so well, and last so long, that companies who make continuous improvements to them by adding Blended Winglets will enhance their productivity and add value.”

The Winglets can currently be retrofitted to the Falcon 2000, 2000DX, 2000EX and 2000EX EASy as an FAA and EASA approved STC. By mid-2011 this will be expanded to include the 900, 900B, 900C, 900DX, 900EX, 900EX EASy, 50 and 50EX models. Installation is carried out through API’s network of authorized installers in North America and throughout the world. To learn more, or to schedule a delivery position, visit API during the NBAA Convention in Atlanta at booth 4508.

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