October 2012

Aviation Partners’ Split Scimitar Blended Winglet

First Flight of Innovative New Winglet Design

Orlando, USA. October 29, 2012 – Seattle-based Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) announced that it recently test flew its futuristic Split Scimitar Blended Winglet, and the results were fantastic.

The Split Scimitar Blended Winglet is a follow-on design of API’s proven technology. The Split Winglet features the addition of a Blended ventral fin to the existing Blended Winglet design, in addition to high performance Winglet tips (Scimitar Tips) designed using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methodology.

Initial CFD results indicated the Split Scimitar Blended Winglets would net a cruise performance gain of over 30-40% above the original Blended Winglet configuration. The proof of concept testing took place earlier this year on a Boeing BBJ, and cruise drag results matched API’s CFD predictions. API has not yet announced plans to make the new design available for any specific aircraft type – stay tuned!

“We have a long history of innovation and success with our Blended Winglet products on Boeing, Falcon, Hawker and Gulfstream aircraft,” Said Joe Clark, API founder and CEO, “With this new design we continue to push the envelope regarding what can be done to further reduce drag, and improve aircraft performance, through innovative wing tip devices.”

API is displaying a full scale mock-up of the Split Scimitar Blended Winglet at the NBAA Convention, together with examples of API’s current Blended Winglets for the Hawker and Falcon business jet families. To learn more about API’s “Shapes of the Future”, as well as existing Blended Winglet technology, visit API during the NBAA Convention in Orlando, October 30th through November 1st (booth #5035).

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