April 2012

Aviation Partners, Inc. Appoints Gary Dunn Vice President of Sales and Marketing

(Seattle – April 18, 2012) – Joe Clark, Founder and CEO of Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) announced today the promotion of Gary Dunn to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Dunn joined API in the mid-1990s to support the Gulfstream II Blended Winglet program, and moved to the sales team in 2001. Dunn has over 20 years of aviation experience in maintenance, engineering, product support, sales and marketing roles.

“Gary started with API in the early days of the Gulfstream II Winglet program and over the years has been responsible for the sales, marketing and product introduction of virtually all our new products, including the Hawker and Falcon series airplanes,” said Joe Clark, “He was intimately involved in the aircraft selection process as well. In the last two years he has taken over the marketing and advertising duties once performed by the legendary Dick Friel. He has filled those shoes well.”

In addition to managing the sales and marketing activities associated with API’s Blended Winglet products for business aircraft, Dunn’s duties also include the sales of large Winglet retrofits to Corporate and Head of State buyers of Boeing 737, 757 and 767 airplanes.


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