August 2013

API Blended Winglets for Falcon & Hawker Aircraft

• Over 250 Falcons now flying with Blended Winglets
• More than 130 Hawkers now flying with Blended Winglets
• API to Exhibit at the 10th Annual LABACE Convention

São Paulo, Brazil. August 13, 2013 – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) announced today that its Blended Winglets are now flying on more than 250 Falcon 2000, 900 and 50 series aircraft. The High-Mach Blended Winglets, first certified for the Falcon 2000 series in May 2009, are now FAA approved for all Falcon 2000, 900 and 50 series aircraft; and ANAC approved for the Falcon 2000 series aircraft. The 250 plus Falcon aircraft now enjoying the performance benefits of Blended Winglets are split between API retrofits and factory-new LX models. API also reports that more than 130 hawker 800/800XP aircraft are now in-service worldwide with its performance enhancing Blended Winglet technology.

“In addition to more than a dozen local Falcon aircraft wearing our Blended Winglets, the same Aviation Partners Winglet technology is a common sight on many of the Boeing airliners providing commercial service to or within Brazil” says Gary Dunn, API VP Sales & Marketing, “Based on recent interest from local Falcon and Hawker operators I believe API’s presence here at LABACE will lead to more commitments in the near future.”

For the Falcon and Hawker airframes, both of which are significantly represented in the Brazilian business aviation fleet, Blended Winglets provide a typical range increase and reduction in fuel burn in the order of 5-7%. In addition the Winglets improve climb performance, offer a dramatic new aesthetic and enhance resale value. Installation of API Blended Winglets on Falcon and Hawker aircraft is available through API’s global network of authorized installers.

API will be on-site (booth 1018) during the LABACE Convention in São Paulo (August 14-16) to discuss Winglets for Falcon and Hawker aircraft, as well as other current programs and exciting new technology Winglet designs for the future. A number of API’s authorized installers, including Dassault Aircraft Services and Duncan Aviation, will also have representation at the convention to discuss availability of installation slots.

Aviation Partners, Inc. Seattle, Washington based Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) is the world leader in advanced Winglet technology. API’s patented Performance Enhancing Blended Winglets™ have been designed and certified for a number of commercial and business aircraft; applications include Boeing, Falcon, Hawker and Gulfstream airframes. Over 5,300 in-service aircraft have saved an estimated 3.8 billion gallons of fuel. In addition to the 5-7% improvement in fuel burn, Blended Winglets have reduced global CO2 emissions by almost 41 million tons. Additional airframe programs are in-development for existing Blended Winglet technology, and future Winglet designs will lead to greater incremental improvements in performance, fuel savings and emissions reduction.

For further information contact:
Gary Dunn VP, Sales & Marketing
+1 206 310 2904


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