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Gallons of Fuel Saved

Conservation Through Innovation

Joe Clark could afford to take it easy. Not likely. This lifelong aviation legend continues to seek efficiencies to keep aviation on the cutting edge of green technology. NASA dreamed up the winglet in the 1960s, and in the early 1990s Clark set out to improve on the design. He assembled an elite team of aerodynamicists to produce his patented Blended Winglet that cuts drag and improves fuel efficiency by as much as 7 percent.

The Lindbergh Foundation, which supports great innovations that foster the environment, recognizes the benefits, too, awarding its prestigious Corporate Award for Balance to Aviation Partners Boeing for equipping Boeing aircraft with Blended Winglets.

“Any time you can improve the productivity and performance of an existing asset, while making it more eco-friendly, it is a wise investment,” said Clark, in accepting the award as chairman of Aviation Partners Boeing and founder of Aviation Partners.

Flying on more than 10,000 business and commercial airplanes, Aviation Partners’ designed winglet products continue to save fuel worldwide. How many gallons of fuel? Billions and billions.

Joe Clark, founder of Aviation Partners

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