October 2010

4.5 Million Gallons of Fuel to be Saved during NBAA

Total Savings Surpass 2.3 Billion Gallons

Atlanta, Georgia. October 19, 2010 – Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) Blended Winglet technology will save almost 4.5 Million gallons of jet fuel during the three days of the NBAA Convention. API’s unique Blended Winglet technology is now flying on over 4,000 business and, through its joint venture company Aviation Partners Boeing, commercial aircraft. The total fuel saved surpassed 2.3 Billion gallons in early October; this represents a global reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 24.7 Million tons.

“We are very proud of this achievement and excited that we are far ahead of the curve in energy conservation,” said Joe Clark, API Founder and CEO, “This technology is being delivered, both in production and via retrofit, to the world’s private jet operators and airlines at a rate of over 500 aircraft per year.” 

The global fuel savings due to Blended Winglets can be tracked live at the API booth during the NBAA Convention. Visit booth 4508 to learn more and to see the Aviation Partners Blended Winglet Story – a graphical representation of the aircraft with Blended Winglets currently certified and in development, as well as the proof of concept programs undertaken to date.

We are doing our part in a changing world!


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