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The future is on the wing

Beyond extending our patented Blended Winglet systems to new business and commercial aircraft types such as the recently certified Falcon 900 Series and Boeing 767-300ER/F, and the currently in-work Falcon 50 Series, we are constantly developing new ways to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of aircraft in the future.

Spiroid Winglets

API’s patented Spiroid Winglets, which look like a large loop of rigid ribbon material attached to each wing tip, were originally tested on the Gulfstream II in 1993. The concept was further refined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology in preparation for flight testing on a Falcon 50 in 2010. The flight test results proved a drag reduction of over 11%. We are currently studying possible future applications for Spiroid Winglet technology on a number of business and commercial aircraft types.

Scimitar Blended Winglets

The Scimitar Blended Winglet design adds a new tip-cap detail to the existing Blended Winglet configuration. This technology has shown an additional improvement of up to 10% of the benefit provided by the existing Blended Winglet hardware. The Scimitar tip is certified for the Hawker 800 series and this new Winglet configuration is now being shipped for installation. We are studying future applications for Scimitar tips on existing and future Blended Winglet products.

Blended Split-Tip Scimitar Winglet

The Blended Split-Tip Scimitar Winglet is a follow-on design of API’s proven technology. The Split Winglet features the addition of a Blended ventral fin to the existing Blended Winglet design, in addition to Scimitar tips and a reconfiguration of the span circle. CFD results indicate a cruise performance gain of over 40% above the original Blended Winglet configuration. The new design will be ready for flight test in the coming months and potential applications are being studied.

"I get to work with the best in the business. World speed record holders. Legendary test pilots. The most talented aerodynamic engineers. The smartest folk in the history of the business."

- Robert Lamson, Flight Test Engineer

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Aviation Partners Blended Winglets
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