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Aviation Partners Blended Winglet Performance Enhancement System

Aviation Partners Blended Winglets

"The single most significant aerodynamic advancement ever developed for commercial or business aviation"
— Clay Lacy

Aviation Partners Blended Winglets reduce wingtip vortex, resulting in less drag, lower fuel burn and superior climb and cruise characteristics. In addition, Blended Winglets upgrade the look of a straight-wing aircraft.

First introduced for the Gulfstream II in 1992, this patented technology has been installed on over 70% of the GII fleet, along with more than 100 Hawker 800 series aircraft, and over 2,800 Boeing jets.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Hawker 800 series
  • Falcon 2000 series
  • Boeing 737, 757, 767
  • 7% fuel savings
  • 180 nm more range
  • Faster climb to altitude
  • Improved 2nd segment
  • Reduced step climbs
  • 2000' higher initial cruise
  • More speed
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved stall
  • New look
  • Higher residual value
  • Increased performance: 5% at .80M
  • Range increase: up to 260 nm (2000EX and EX EASy)
  • Improved climb: Higher initial cruise altitude; faster climb to altitude
  • Installation downtime: approximately 15 days
  • Up to 6% drag reduction
  • Built-in fuel hedge
  • Improved takeoff performance
  • Reduced engine maintenance costs
  • Increased payload-range
  • Lower airport noise and emissions
  • Improved operational flexibility
  • Dramatically enhanced appearance
  • Higher airplane residual value

*Patent 5348253

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Aviation Partners Blended Winglets
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